Many projects involve the possibility of underground utilities which are privately owned or are not marked by the public “One Call” system. These projects often include larger sites such as military bases, oil refineries and plants, but can be as small as the local corner gas station or a small business or home which has installed a sprinkler system or electric service.

The addition of “soft-dig” technology to our services allows us to offer our clients a value-priced combined service of drilling and soft-dig (or stand-alone soft-dig service) for projects which can benefit from pre-clearing boreholes, or early identification of utility locations prior to excavation.

While the requirement for air knife/soft-dig clearing of boreholes is now mandatory at many sites, we recommend that you consider adding this service to any project where there is any uncertainty of underground utilities.

This technology is also applied to small-scale and limited-access soil removal projects, and is also used for cleaning out catch basins.




  • Uses high-pressure air to break up soil for vacuum removal to tank or drum
  • Utility clearance prior to drilling or digging
  • Locate/Expose utilities for repair or inspection
  • Sump and catch basin cleaning
  • Soil sample collection near subsurface utilities or tanks
  • Excavation of small areas in hard-to-reach locations


Soft Dig 1