Subsurface Environmental Technologies (SET) offers quality environmental field services at highly competitive rates. Because our services are offered through a small, responsive company, SET has successfully maintained a strong client base including consulting Engineers, industrial firms, state and local agencies, developers, financial institutions and municipalities. SET provides the following field services:

SET has the experienced crew and equipment to get your job done on schedule, and on-budget.


Geophyscial Services

SET is pleased to introduce a new state-of-the-art Geophysics Division, which provides a full array of geophysical services to the environmental, engineering, and construction industries. Our expertise stems from our dedicated team of applied geophysicists and managers having decades of experience in the industry. SET has invested in state-of-the-art technology and instruments to support our highly educated, professionally licensed staff.

Our full range of geophysical services include both near-surface and downhole geophysics: precision utility locating and mapping, pre-drilling or pre-excavation clearance, underground storage tank (UST) and drum detection, septic and leach field identification, landfill and buried waste delineation, karst terrain and bedrock mapping, and a full line of borehole geophysical logging services applied to the environmental and engineering industries.